Cassandra Farrin is a speculative fiction author and the director of publishing and production for Erewhon Books. She has more than ten years of experience ushering stories through every step of the editorial, production, and distribution processes.

A Shin Buddhist with research interests in the history of religion and nonviolent communication, Cassandra studied intercultural communication and interfaith dialogue on a US-UK Fulbright scholarship and a Lilly Foundation grant, and taught college-level religious studies for several years before she made the leap to publishing.

When she’s not immersed in making other people’s books, she reads, reviews, and writes speculative historical (or historically-inspired) fiction herself. She lives in Idaho with her twin sister and their two adoptive children. Follow her on Twitter @CassaCassaCassa.

  • Bath Novel Award 2019 Long List, an international prize for emerging novelists
  • Bath Children’s Novel Award 2018 Short List, an international prize for novels written for children or young adults; for the full announcement, click here
  • FutureScapes 2021 and 2019 Science Fiction & Fantasy Workshop, a selective workshop with a faculty of editors, agents, and writers on the leading edge of spec fic
  • Science Fiction Writers Association 2019 mentee
  • US-UK Fulbright ’08, researching the role of listening in intercultural and interfaith dialogue
  • Publications in Frontier PoetryCirqueconcīs, the Ploughshares blog, and elsewhere