Cassandra Farrin is an author, production editor, and intercultural educator. A Shin Buddhist with research interests in the history of religion and nonviolent communication, Cassandra studied interfaith dialogue on a US-UK Fulbright scholarship and a Lilly Foundation grant, and taught college-level religious studies for several years before becoming an editor. She has coordinated the publishing programs of small and mid-sized independent presses. She currently lives in Idaho with her twin sister and their two adoptive children.

  • Bath Novel Award 2019 Long List, an international prize for emerging novelists
  • Bath Children’s Novel Award 2018 Short List, an international prize for novels written for children or young adults; for the full announcement, click here
  • FutureScapes 2019 Science Fiction & Fantasy Workshop, a selective workshop with a faculty of editors, agents, and writers on the leading edge of spec fic
  • Science Fiction Writers Association 2019 mentee
  • US-UK Fulbright ’08, researching the role of listening in intercultural and interfaith dialogue
  • Publications in Frontier PoetryCirqueconcīs, the Ploughshares blog, and elsewhere